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Increase of the Work Market platform’s MAUs and retention rate

Experienced 581% growth over two years, Work Market was recognized by Forbes as one of America’s Most Promising Companies of 2014.

Joining Work Market as the Lead Designer, I was tasked with the re-design of their full product line through all stages of production, including the rebranding of Work Market’s corporate identity.

The design strategy was to identify blockers and research any edge cases to streamline the Labor-Management flows. From initial contractor engagement to assignment compensation.

What is your area of expertise?

When designing any new product feature, we started with the initial concept working through to release. I worked closely with each department and every team in Work Market; this was crucial to the success of every initiative.

I used Work Market as the benchmark to gauge and track the success of the redesigned product using five key performance indicators (KPI): Optimize Labor Costs, Enhance Work Quality, Manage Labor Compliance, and Gain Workforce Visibility.

How long have you been a contract worker?

How far do you typically travel for an assignment?

Entrusted with translating Work Market into an engaging web experience, we started looking at how companies discovered and booked talent. They had no standard way of viewing the assignment’s special requirements without reading through long lists of directions.

Feedback Loop

With that in mind, the assignment information on Work Market was prioritized and separated into logical bite sizes. Quickly making a series of interactive prototypes to illustrate this, we brought them to our user groups for feedback. You can see an example of a prototype to the right.

Building on user feedback, we produced data designs to map out an assignment’s relationships and dependencies throughout the product. The data design docs were crucial to understanding how a proposed change would impact an assignment, the platform, or Work Market as a whole.

Find Talent

Our data designs revealed that searching for talent was convoluted and slow. The goal of the Talent Search’s redesign was to reduce querying time while increasing the content presented on a contractor’s Profile Card. Making the re-designed Talent Search an extendable container to handle many different types of data resulted in much faster querying time while presenting more information.

When searching for talent Work Market presented a list of contractors. These lists lacked any visual cues to help companies differentiate between candidate’s criteria. This lack was the genesis of the Scorecard and new Profile view below.


The Scorecard is an aggregate of the contractor’s performance rating on Work Market combined with their last 3 months of job history. This score indicates the potential contractor’s ability to complete a company’s specific assignment reliably.

Quick Action Bar

  • Send an assignment to the Contractor
  • Invite the Contractor to one of the company’s groups
  • Invite the Contractor to complete a test
  • Add a company only Comment
  • Add / Remove the Contractor from your Network

The Quick Action Bar’s design goal was to take complex Contractor processes and distill them down into one click or tap from the user’s Profile View. Reducing the need to context switch between sections of the app resulted in increased efficiency.

Full Profile View

The Full Profile View has two functions. First, it functions as a contractor’s calling card. Secondly, companies view it to establish which contractor/candidate is the best match for the job. Besides comments and tags, the Full Profile View can also streamline internal communication during the vetting of candidates.

Contextual Assignment Communication

To simplify the communication of an assignment it was separated into three parts in the redesign: Questions & Answers, Assignment Messaging, and Internal Company Messages.

Questions & Answers are visible to all candidates before a job is assigned. This removed repetitive Questions & Answers.

Assignment Messaging only starts once a contractor is selected and assigned.

Internal Company Messaging is private and only visible by the hiring company. This helps companies move internal communication onto Work Markets platform while staying in context, making Work Market very sticky.

Growth Hacking

Companies using Work Market could only hire freelance contractors that existed in their marketplace.

How could we grow the marketplace?

The answer lay in the creation of white-labeled landing pages that companies can use to customize and invite their existing teams and freelancers onto the platform. Companies are offered as many recruiting campaigns as needed.

The recruiting campaigns helped grow the marketplace, gain workforce visibility and boost organic search results.

My work on this project was extensive. If you are interested in knowing more, get in touch and I will gladly discuss it further.

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