VSAT PRO Smartphone App from SkyVision Assists with Aligning VSAT Link to Satellite

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The VSAT Pro app from SkyVision assists you with aligning your VSAT link to the correct satellite to receive satellite Internet service. VSAT Pro also contains a list of SkyVision satellite IP connectivity services as well as a SkyVision satellite list. There is quick guide to assist you with any questions you might have during your VSAT alignment procedure.
Features include:
  • New VSAT alignment set up
  • Compass
  • Inclinometer
  • SkyVision services list
  • SkyVision satellite list
  • Quick guide

Global IP telecommunication service provider

SkyVision is a leading global IP telecommunication service provider to emerging markets, offering solutions over satellite and fiber optic network systems for customers that include incumbent telecoms, ISPs, cellular operators, global and local enterprises, government entities and NGOs in over 50 countries.

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