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Work Market – The future of work.

WorkMarket is a New York City-based company that provides an online platform and marketplace for businesses to manage contingent workers and IT talent.
Josh Rawlings designed a smartest SaaS solution to organize, manage & pay your freelancers and contractors.

Health4Travel.com – Creating a better travel and healthcare experience

Chris Rawlings is a founder of Health4Travel.com. The company’s mission, is to connect travellers to healthcare and insurance services anywhere abroad. To provide travellers with tools to manage their health and well-being proactively.

Currently, Chris is leading the product design team. We have created a webapp and platform. Healthcare companies have partnered with H4T to provide healthcare services to travellers. The startup is expanding to major European and Asian travel markets.

90% of travellers found a convenient time and location for their appointment on the app.

NICKL – never let a paywall slow you down.

Nickl is a startup that improves the relationship between Media Companies and their subscribers. The Nickl Pass is a dynamic layer of tech that sits on top of the Publisher’s website. Nickl Pass’s sales have grown 70% week over week since July 2019. Nickl is now backed by Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs Accelerator and Techstars.

As the Design Lead, my responsibilities included branding, designing Nickl’s full product line, Admin Dashboards, prototyping, and Nickl’s Extension.

Casting Depot– The Pro’s media & entertainment network.

I designing the full Casting Depot product line. A single platform to find, vet and engage with the best talent for a production. Elevating the quality of the project plus saving time and money.

On Camera talent users build profiles, can join groups and have access to industry news. On the middle of their page is an aggregated feed of casting calls tailored to them.

Full product design of Casting Depot including Branding, Style Guide, prototyping, iOS and Android Apps design, and Casting Depot’s SaaS Back-Office.

WorkRails – Service sales made easy.

WorkRails enables software companies to automate and scale the sales of professional services, driving faster time to value (TTV) for customers.

My responsibilities included: Designing WorkRails web app, Full HTML & CSS Style Guide, iconography, and WorkRails Statement of Work (SOW) component that helped secure a 2.3 million dollar seed round.

Bravo.ai – Automate Excellence.

I started by designing a workflow editor that communicates with the Bravo apps, transforming physical work into actionable tasks in a data-stream. This improved scheduling, distribution, and communication in every job on Bravo’s platform. In less than 14 days of using Bravo Hotels saw dramatic improvements. 78% decrees in Management Intervention, and a 59% decrees concerning Late Service Calls. Bravo’s AI knows which employee is qualified and available for the job. Guaranteeing that compliance and quality are front and center.

Full product design of Bravo including Branding, Style Guide, prototyping, iOS and Android Apps design, Bravo’s Back-Office, and The WorkFlow Editor UI.

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